Sundowns of Summer

25 Jun

Even more excruciating than the summer heat was the wait for the dusks that took almost forever to come. For she desired nothing more than to experience the wave of silence that washed over the city as the sunk began to sink, to feel that time is after all, unstill and constantly changing.


The Ascension

24 Jun

And when the sorrows of this world pulled me into the ground, it was Your love that gave me the power and the will to ascend. It was my belief in You that made me strong; strong enough to spin a tornado under my feet, to lift me over the skies and into Your warm embrace.


14 Feb

Maybe we were all born in pairs

But it might just be that

Our other half was here to

simply complement us –

Like hot tea on a cold night

Or a cozy blanket to snuggle under –

And not to become a part of us.

Cuz we were whole all along

We were born and crafted

Into perfection as He saw fit.

You were always complete, love

You just need to be shown you are.

Seven Kisses

16 Jan

All it really took wasSeven seconds to navigate through

The map of your racing mind

Seven confessions from your heart

To lead me to what I wanted to find.

It took just seven kisses

from your head to your chin

To leave seven words lingering on my lips

‘Your body has become my deadliest sin’.

The Empty Man

15 Jan

And all the while you were lost in wondering

The truth was he had nothing to say.

Beneat his cratered skin and callous bones

Nothing but emptiness laid.


14 Jan

In any moment, we may live a dream that we don’t want to see the end of.

It was in the serenity of a moment such as this, that I once learned what it is like to fall madly in love.

Child of Darkness

9 Jan

Maybe it had been a dream, or a voice that you could hear only when silence surrounded you. Nevertheless, it was then, in the darkest hour of the night, that the truth finally became as clear as day. And you began to realize that the darkness wasn’t there to blind you, but to hide everything else that hid the truth from you all along.


8 Jan

Don’t waste what little time you have got left on emotions from the past. Look ahead with the enlightment your eyes have gained, your heart has felt,and your mind has finally grasped. That is the purpose of reflection – to not just understand what happened and why, but to make sure your future is not a mirror image of your past. Use it to decide what you need to do, to hold on to, to let go off – to become what your best self could be.


23 Sep

Walked away from the light and into the shadows, but never could reach far. So I stood and said ‘Hello’ instead, befriending what I never could myself be.


21 Sep

Isolate me from the bedlam I have been living in

Unravel me as I intertwine in your mystery

I’ll mask your truth concealed inside you

Till they may see us, yet still never see us.