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Who Said Women Can’t Hate Men

28 Jan

I know about all the recent fascination with the brilliant fiction Men Who Hate Women, or the movie as we know it.. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A recent discussion with my girls made me realize our talk about men and dating usually always went from “omg he’s amazing!” to “he’s an asshole” and always ending in “i hate men, let’s marry each other.”

Yes, well, there are women who hate men as well, not just vice versa. But, their reasons are just so much more justifiable. Women hate men because of everything they have to put up with, go through because of them.

There are the players. There are the cheaters. There are the gold-diggers (yeah, it’s not just women who can be that especially now that women are able to be all independent and survive on their own terms). There are the abusive ones. There are the usual be-nice-till-u-get-sex-then-ask-for-space. There are those who like to have a nice, down-to-earth woman but keep going behind her back continuing to be the total opposite and flirting with everything they see.

I see girls go through it all the time, but even when they say they have given up, it’s like we are programmed to fall for the same tricks over and over again. The hope that maybe this time it’ll be different, even if our initial reaction is to resist their charm. From observation, we’re still too forgiving of the male species.

The sad fact I’ve observed is simple: If men perceive you to be average to cute in appearance, they’d likely want a real relationship with you. They’d even marry you. Eventually down the road, they’d still be checking out that hot girl. So if you’re too hot for the world, they’d want no more than a no-strings-attached kind of a relationship with you, probably because of they want to win the race of who can move on sooner.

So we get caught up in this. What do we want to be for a guy? The one he wants to date but can’t stay faithful to, or the one he’d chase and do anything for to get a little attention from, but never date for long-term?

Of course, this is all a matter of perception, and I’m only stating relationship trends I’ve observed and experienced. Dating through early 20s is like a sweet dream you hope will not eventually turn into a living nightmare and you get your chick-flick ending you so very much desire. Till then, if you’re a young woman active on the dating scene, brace yourself till the next time you’re having wine and ice-cream with your girls talking about how you hate men.


You are what you wear. Even on Facebook.

8 Jan

You are what you wear. Even on Facebook..

love this post! must read, ladies!


The Difference Between Single Men and Single Women

8 Jan

The Difference Between Single Men and Single Women

So earlier today, I came across this article in NY Times, and it simply has to be the most interesting read in a while, since it sums up almost everything I have always believed. Of course, my male friends were kind of disappointed with the article, which came from pure denial, but as they read through it, even they couldn’t disagree:┬ámen have a tough time being alone once they have been in and out of a serious relationship, while women are more than happy with their new found independence!

An eye-opener, this article is a must read, especially for those who believe women to be.. what’s that.. desperate to find someone! =]