What Good Is Being A Genius If You Cannot Use It As An Excuse For Being Unemployed?

1 Mar

Scenario 1: strong persona, internship with one of the world’s best companies: still 100+ days unemployed.

Scenario 2: top 15% of graduating class, relevant work experience, strong ethics: 30 days officially unemployed (half by choice).

Scenario 3: average GPA, average work experience: employed!

1 is someone I know. 2 is me. 3 is almost everyone else I know.

How does that happen?

Is 1… Uh… Over-qualified? Threatening? As opposed to 3, who could easily be moulded into whatever? Accept whatever it thrown on them? Compared to 2, me…

Okay, I did turn down few job offers and interview calls, so maybe I can totally blame myself for it, pursuing position titles and pay scales I am maybe not ready for.

My professors have seriously confused me. Some said have standards, a brand image, do not settle and your employer will see you as someone who knows their worth and would be a high performer. On the other hand, some of them said take whatever is offered, the market is tough, you gotta take it or someone else will.

Personally, I am not much of an advice-taker. I listen, I understand. But in the end, I will do what pleases my heart and/or mind. Hence, I cannot do what I do not least bit find fun. I originally turned down interviewing with a temp-job employment agency, but then I thought about it and small office jobs didn’t really seem boring (picture The Office in head and everything is alright). Although it was going to be mostly irrelevant to what I went to school for. But I did it anyways, half-heartedly and swallowing all pride I had.

I had, at least, the opportunity to get called in for interviews. Only one went terribly bad, particularly because my beginner-to-intermediate level lessons in reading body language in micro-expressions gave away my interviewer’s disapproval of me in the first three seconds of being introduced. And I couldn’t fight past that and try to show why me and the position being interviewed for are perfect for each other.

Well, other than that, all my other interviews have been going pretty well. I had a couple (finally interesting) interviews last week, and some more this week too… getting closer. I know there is a right time for everything, and I am not letting anything not working out let me down. I mean, I know what I am capable of. I have kept myself informed about several different things, have a variety of industries I am eager to work for, and more. On one hand, I am chasing a title whether it pays me big or not; on the other hand, I don’t care about the title as long as I pay the bills I don’t have… yet.

I shall end this self-analyzing post with a quote I couldn’t relate to better when it comes to my job situation – it’s from the TV show New Girl, where one of the characters has just my luck with employment, and in that moment, it was just the most beautiful thing I had come across:

You know what I learned from the Internet? We got nothing to worry about. Everybody has their moment… we don’t need to have it figured out right now. Our moment will come.


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