Everything Is Blooming Most Recklessly

8 Mar

You know those days when you just wake up one day and you’re happy? And you can’t explain why, but just grateful it’s not one of your bad days?

Well, that is today.

I woke up with a feeling of hope, a strong feeling that things are about to change in my life, for the better. In one way or the other, although I hope in all ways, but I’ll take whatever it has to give. It’s like that pre-spring feeling, the fading away of winter blues.

It could be that it’s International Women’s Day. Maybe the feeling is related to being celebrated in some way today.

It could be the fact that in a week’s time, one of my college roommates will be coming up to see me for St. Patrick’s weekend. I can hardly wait to be reunited!

It could be the beginning of a new project with a few friends I am super excited about. The whole process of team formation and brainstorming is just so much fun… maybe because it all reminds me of my school years.

It might not be spring enough in this section of the world, but I can feel some odd twist of fate starting to bring the colors back in my life. Of course, nothing in my life ever happens accident-free. Expect the little mishaps that never seem to leave me alone.

Like, for example, as I am typing this post, I had to listen to my grandmother go on and on about an outspoken female character of this one show she was watching. All her ranting revolved around this woman being too disrespectful. Blood boil moment.

And then now, I mention privacy because I really don’t want to answer questions to these people visiting about what I am doing with my life. I mean, why fake concern with me? Me!?! I can read through that.  Especially if these fake people are male.

Oh well, not complaining about the hustle in this life: it’s a source of humor I appreciate having – as long as it doesn’t involve ignorant comments and too much invasion of my privacy.

Not my favorite side of the family. Sigh.


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