A Beautiful Day… Well, Almost

14 Mar

It must be the nicest weather this year so far today. For the first time, the sunshine wasn’t deceiving. A good 21 Celsius. Perfect to go out do that little bit of grocery shopping I needed to get done.

Oh well, the walk was pleasant. Happy people everywhere. Smiles and hellos in the air – a little puppy came up to me to say hello too! Cutie! It was an adorable moment.

Got my shopping done, started to make my way back. That is when, well… those chirpy birds and butterflies in my head disappeared.

Halfway through, when I had gotten off the busy street, there was a car slowing down next to me. Yeah, to park or wait or whatever. Next thing I realize, it is actually not stopping where it initially slowed down. It was moving along with me! I turned to look for a second – it was young man, probably mid 20s or so, looking right at me.

Took off my earphones, shook my head, “what?

Him with a creepy ass smile on his face: “Wanna get in my car?


Blood boil. Considering I wasn’t out there in heels, fishnets, booty shorts, OR ANYTHING SCREAMING PICK-ABLE OFF THE STREET!! 

I just turned away, started walking back. Holding back my anger. The guy didn’t stop. He kept driving beside me. Calling out. Okay, now the anger turned into fear. There was nowhere to turn. He wasn’t going to stop.

I do what I do every time I am scared – I hysterically started praying under my breath. Walked faster. There was a shopping center at the end of the next block – I could make it. Eh?

Oh well, prayer in need never fails. In the next minute, he drove away. Sped away more like it.


I rushed home. I don’t know where exactly he started and how long he was following me, I am the kind lost in my own world when I am out walking, enjoying the weather. I don’t know if he could be a serial anything parading the neighborhood trying to get girls in his car.

*what I get for responding to strangers*

Inform authorities?

Well, for one, I don’t know. It could be random. I didn’t get his license plate or a look at the car.. which could be red… maroon… I don’t know, a shade in between. Anyone can escape a crime if I am the sole witness, sad fact.

And for two, my overprotective aunt – always thinking something bad will happen to me if I don’t stay on the busy streets – will forever bound me to the horrible indoors. I’d not complain if I had a cat up in here. I’d not want to go out myself then.

But for three, the most important and worst case scenario, I would be blamed for this almost-an-experience. I am not allowing myself to be blamed anymore when I am in victim situations. 5laas! It was broad daylight, it was my only way home I am familiar with that I have walked several hundred times by now, and I was dressed in jeans and a tee, Constable Michael Sanguinetti!!! Jeez.

Nothing happened. Just cautioned. I am safe. Thank you God.


2 Responses to “A Beautiful Day… Well, Almost”

  1. C March 14, 2012 at 20:51 #

    glad you got away safely!!!

  2. numnumzie March 15, 2012 at 17:16 #

    thanks C! sure was scary!

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