The Haunting of An Arachnophobic

21 Mar

I am being haunted. When I come to think of it, it’s been going on for quite a few years.


Lord Saveth Me.

After I once had this dream of being chased by giant tarantulas, I think I have seen a spider everywhere. They literally come wherever I am. To the point, no one in my life has close encounters with them until I am in their presence.

Three years ago, for the first time I celebrated Halloween, I did not want to buy a costume, I still think it’s stupid. I just wore a black dress and drew spiders on my body, and covered myself with a web. Yes, I was the humanified version of black widow. Most original ever.

Then, at a rave, few months back, I wore my roommate’s spider ring. It was me overcoming my fear. Considering for the past 1 and a half years, I was being haunted by giant spiders. I thought they were tarantulas for the longest time, until I think my roommate got tired of secretly laughing at me and told me they are just house spiders. I have screamed and I have cried and I have had nightmares and I have lost sleep.

And now, for the past three days, I have been haunted by this black widow. ISN’T IT HUGE?!?! It stays outside my window, but always comes around sunset. And hangs in midair. Coming closer and closer to my window, staring at me. And starting to what seems like dancing when I look at it.

My window is shut tight. Of course. That creepy thing is NOT crawling into my apartment and making my life a living hell. What worries me most is the eggs it probably has laying around. The ones that will hatch and multiply into one of my greatest phobias.

I sense pure evil from it. Like it understands my fear, it is playing with me. It has to come all the way down to where it can see me, like why not be high enough where it can stay out of my sight?! But no! It has to come all the way down till it is all visible, and can peak in at me.

Spiders shall be the death of me. One can hope it is my Spider Prince (but that only happens in fairytales), but what scares me even more is the possibility all these spiders everywhere I go are actually sent by someone using voodoo to hurt me. =(


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