5 May

I’d like one day, just one day where I can be at work without being hit on by a customer, or having to listen to a comment about the way I look. Appreciate the effort, but this way I am never going to be taken seriously, and I would appreciate that for a change.

Maybe another thing frustrating me is my parents back in another part of the world can’t stop worrying about my hours. I appreciate being cared for by someone on this planet, They are forgetting this is how I always imagined my immediate post-college life to be. They don’t understand I love that feeling when I can claim myself independent, when I can live life like a grown-up. Of course, I understand my father will always see me as his little girl, my mother will always picture the worst of any scenario because that is what a mother does, and are forever going to be worried. But let me fend for myself for as far as I can. Like, just believe.

And then start their nightmares of how I could be followed by someone every night who could just be waiting for the right time to attack. Sigh. And if that wasn’t enough, comes the if anything does happen to me, I am disowned. Wow.  Just wow…


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