The Right Prayer

21 May

There’s one thing I wish for everytime I pray. Not for money or fame or love or happiness, but simply to cut out from my life everything that is wrong for me, despite whatever way it could initially hurt me, or damn near destroy me. And for everything that is right for me to come crawling into my life, despite me initially thinking it isn’t what I want.

Result? I feel it happening. I know recently I have tried to rush with some aspects in my life, but I just desperately wanted to grasp every opportunity I had towards being solely responsible for myself. And even through it all, I have prayed for signs in my waking life for what is the right direction. And I have gotten them.

Of course, not all areas of my life are perfect. In fact, everything is far from it. But I like the fact I am able to feel pure happiness, such peace… like you stand with eyes shut and arms wide open, leaning against the wind… the feeling that in that moment you can fly…

And I guess taking those 60 seconds out everyday to feel that rush through me is all I need to make it through day in day out. I get the feeling that everything in my life is just what I need, and nothing negative could ever come close.

I have learned, pretty much the hard way, we could want the world, but every wish we make should be to simply ask for good to come and stay, and bad to leave this very instant. We are just human, we are never going to see clearly the negative about something we want so much we start feeling we need it. The answer lies in putting your faith in something a lot more powerful and knowing, and trust that the right path for you is laid out and you will eventually find it, when you’re ready to.


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