Naive Candour

31 May

That’s what they call me. They tell me I don’t understand the way world works, and by the time they are done with me, I’d have no trace of innocence left in me. And that is when I will begin to see things for how they really are.

I get picked on for whenever I state something, and get reminded the world is too cruel and I have yet to see that part. I mean, I am no stranger to the evil that exists out there, but I always believed, I guess, just because I had one bad experience, it probably won’t repeat.

I mean, for sure, I would like to see what the people of the world are like. I would like to get inside the heads of those around me to know what it is they think, what it is they are plotting. Skeptical, I am. But the fact that I give more than the average acceptable number of people the benefit of the doubt, I am creating my very own road down to the middle of the earth’s core.

They perceive me to be more naive than I imagined myself to be. It’s about time for me to grow up under much thicker skin I guess. To understand the difference between genuine and lie, to tell a jersey shore douchebag from a gentleman, to know who intends to walk over me and who intends to guide me down the right path.

After all,

Cynicism is full of naive disappointments.


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