Ridiculous Mistake

28 Jun

Ridiculous Mistake

Yeah, I am absolutely in love with the show, and the quotes that are just so easy to relate to.

But maybe, like I always plan but never seem to follow through, maybe this time what I am upto, won’t lead to any disastrous mistakes. If what I am upto isn’t a mistake all on its own.

Maybe all I need is to have a little more faith in myself, but since I always seem to let myself down one way or the other, that is always hard to do. The several attempts I make to be more grown up, it all seems to keep failing.

But life is changing, drastically for that matter. Grown-up decisions need to be made, and I need to make them all by myself too. Then again, since I only seem to make poor decisions when it comes to myself and really good decisions when it comes to someone else, I am going to treat myself like a third person.



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