Rediscovered, Rekindled.

1 Jul

I finally talked to an old friend today, one who was basically lost for the longest time. Guess that is what happens when you are miles away and one of you doesn’t have proper access to technology to stay in touch, or the time to write letters or use carrier pigeons for that matter.

Part of it I guess was me, too. I had been so busy with life I ended up keeping some of my best friends out of the loop as to what I have been up to, what has been going on with me. I guess I do appreciate the days I am getting off of work, just so I can talk about our lives instead of the usual cute animal pictures we keep sending back and forth.

Either ways, I realize how much I missed my girls when we finally got time to connect, and I finally felt they got my back no matter what decisions I make with my life – no matter what poor judgement they are based on. They are like shadows in the dark, sometimes. I can’t see them, they are not physically present in my life – but their words from miles away bring this comfort like I know I will never be alone.

Of course, the time difference blows. All of them are together doing everything we loved to do together, except well, I am not there this time. And it’s even worse that I don’t know if I will ever see them again, which doesn’t have to be via video chat. I mean, we have done the whole they-get-together-skype-call-me and I am in the room, just on a computer, part of the conversation. Those have been fun.

It’s not always easy being away from people who genuinely care about you. People leave work to vent out about their day to friends and family; I do the reverse and vent out about nothing at all to the people I work with. But I make a comedy out of everything when I do vent out to them. Although, the past few days they have been teasing me about my mood swings, which I don’t believe I have but the joke’s on at my work anyways about it.

But either ways, I am grateful for the friends I have, and I love the rare moments I get to tell them about my life – regardless of how far away they are from me, regardless of barely ever video chatting with them. I would rather have them in my life that way than not have them at all.

So, a thank you to all of them for being who they are and being who they were meant to be in my life – despite only a couple of them knowing my blog address, and if I even blog.


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