A Reading I Rather Not Reveal

2 Jul

So guess what happened at work today? I was helping a customer when an older woman, who had come in with another customer, stepped up to me and told me something about my recent past that kind of left me pretty speechless. She introduced herself as a psychic specialized in palm and tarot readings, but out of curiosity and entertainment, I agreed for her to give me a psychic reading.

It was interesting what she had to say about my past, which is why I agreed to. Normally, I never believe anyone who straight up has something to tell me about my future if they can’t tell me anything about my past. For the most part, she said she was picking up issues with my love life – which by the way is very non-existent or very-comically-existent (who would have guessed, eh).

She talked about two guys in my life – one somewhere on my mind, and one who has me on his mind. She was accurate about the first guy, about his physical appearance and even what he was to me. And well, later during the day, the way she described the second guy revealed to be true as well o.O She was right about the fact I’d never have guessed this person would actually like me.

As for some of my plans in life, she did say I will make them possible, probably not as soon as I wanted, but I will. Basically, she did say I need to start seeing things in my life differently than I do now. And more things…. but, she did say to keep my reading to myself for 3 days so it can bring me good luck. So, just in case she is right about my future, I’d rather not jinx it.

I know, I know… Shhh! There is all the they-say-what-you-want-to-hear, they-say-something-super-general, BUT..!!!! It was interesting! I never had an in-person psychic reading. I was 16 when I had a palmistry reading, which has surprisingly proved to be accurate so far. But, as long as I felt good, that is all I needed.

It’s like a friendly figure in your life encouraging you, pushing you to your full potential by making you see what you are capable of achieving. The woman went on to give my manager a reading as well, who was pretty much satisfied too.

Maybe, in 3 days or so, I will come back here to tell you what she told me. Maybe.


4 Responses to “A Reading I Rather Not Reveal”

  1. C July 2, 2012 at 23:14 #

    please do!

  2. beingbatool July 3, 2012 at 12:15 #

    You’d better tell me!

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