Wedding Bells? No, Thank You.

7 Jul

So I guess enough time has passed and I will reveal the psychic reading I got earlier this week. Nothing she said about the future seemed like wow. It was the pretty basic you-will-marry-your-soulmate-and-will-be-very-happy-and-there-will-be-no-separation-ever. Thank you for being so general. A time would have been a much better detail, like will I be 25? 35? Or, 45? Considering the rate at which I am progressing in that area of my life?

If it was up to my mum, I’d actually be married tomorrow. Few days back, agaiiin, she was at it with having people with their eyes open for “nice guys” and going on to make suitor recommendations from her distant side of the family. Like, no, thank you mum. Your daughter shall only freak away everyone you plan on introducing her to.

So I tell her marriage is not my priority, and I am determined to try to get into a good phd program, to which her reply was a “by the time you are done with that, you will be 28 or 29. Who would want to marry you then?”

Ouch. Thank you for the support. But I am pretty sure I’d still be young, fresh meat for a dying old rich man with a huge estate and a will that would leave everything he could ever own to me… maybe. Who would NOT want to marry me then???

Oh the drama that started again with the whole marriage thing. It’s like there is something they aren’t telling me, as to why they are so eager, so desperate to just throw me off that they were like if I meet someone, I can have a small ass wedding ceremony, which they didn’t even seem to care enough to attend. What did they say? “We’ll send the money for your wedding.”

Wow. Wow. WOW!!!!! They didn’t tour my university before I moved there, they didn’t attend my graduation, now they don’t even seem to plan on attending a wedding that they want for me!??!


Probably what bugs mum is that people have said way too many times no one will marry me or keep me, I am too much of a brat to make anyone but myself happy and I know of no sacrifice or compromise. Probably the news of me actually exchanging wedding vows would let her be like, “seeeeeee!!!!”

But still. Doesn’t help my non-existent confidence in myself when I am suggestively being tossed around for wifey-material-evaluation to a suitor and his family.

I mean, I sort of understand when she says she wants me married off in a good age, cuz the older I get, less likely I will find a decent husband. But, it doesn’t give my heart a freaking break.

And now, my college girls will be visiting me next weekend, for which I am uber excited. But, both are now in healthy relationships with real sweet guys and I am honestly happy for them. But I know what they will tell me.

One would be like “you will find someone too”. Aww jee, thank you.

The other, as she has always done, would criticize my choices and steps I take, and basically go over everything I do wrong and brainstorm why guys don’t want me for me. End result would be me just wanting to get drunk till I pass out cuz they would have successfully slapped reality in my face by twisting it.

Or I’d shove what the psychic told me in their faces. “Yo! I am on the road to awesome ever after..” and hopefully they will see it happen in their life time, when their kids and the kids of all the guys in my past are getting married too.

Yup. Hello there again, single girl problems. I hope the reunion and boy talk don’t make me want to get pathetically shit-faced again -__-

[Or I could always invent a boyfriend to avoid an intervention. Tadaaaa! Now you’re talking Sabrina, now you’re talking!!]


One Response to “Wedding Bells? No, Thank You.”

  1. beingbatool July 8, 2012 at 11:07 #

    The thing is we all need to take it slow. A Higher Being has something planned for us and what you are talking about are so called Arab/Desi problems. Take it easy, take it slow and pray for the best. Your friends are idiots too. Live and let live. Nothing else matters when you are happy. What others think or say to you shouldn’t hinder you from your dreams and goals.

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