Miss Independent – Shattered

29 Jul

So I had been feeling pretty good about myself lately. The whole feeling of being independent. You know, what girl doesn’t thrive from it? Singing “all the women who are independent.. throw your hands up at me” =) Not just the making money part, doing everything myself the things I never had to before.

Cook my own food, buy my own groceries, carry all the heavy heavy shopping home by myself, clean my place myself, walking everywhere myself, enjoy the beauty of nature myself, do laundry myself, and everything that comes up myself. Kinda felt on top of the world being able to do that.

Well, until I was telling my friend how I multi-tasked today – put laundry in and went grocery shopping, and came back to put it in the dryer in time to be ready to cook Iftar – and she says: ” I see much potential in the wife department.

Ouch. That’s what I have become?! o.O Wake up in the morning to go to get ready and go to work, come back to look at cooking directions to not mess up whatever I am trying to make, and on days off to go shopping during the day and do laundry and clean and prepare a meal if no take-out?

Yeah, you know you’re in the wife department when you start to stop caring about the way you look when you leave home for anything other than work. Ouch.


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