Nervous and Excited

31 Aug

Did a little cat-friendly apartment search on Craigslist. Nothing interesting. Nothing close to work. I don’t know if I want to sign a lease either, considering I don’t know what my plans are for 2013. I get this one day off of work today, I should have studied. But so mentally exhausted, followed by physically exhausted from errands and cooking and cleaning when it was 93 degrees in my apartment, I had to nap. Then try to chillax.

Work is leaving me in charge of the store this weekend. I think it’s a big much-desired progress, and I am nervous, but excited at the same time. I got this showing a high level of commitment to my job, for the mere desire to come out on the top. Which I did. I am nervous because I really want to do a damn good job this weekend too, because this could mean climbing up that ladder. I just need to be braver with the alpha retards, and I would be all set.

The roommate who moved in last weekend is already moving out this weekend, and another girl is coming in. I haven’t met her yet, but I shall tomorrow, probably after work. Attempts to socialize? Well, this one wanted to. But her suggestions have always been “let’s go grab a beer!


What should my excuses be? I am a paranoid calorie-counter? It could have worked, except she sees all my chocolates and candy, which I bring in every time I go out. And she sees how I am always drinking green tea or Cola, and barely ever drink water. BLAME IT ON THE INSANELY HOT WEATHER WHERE WATER DOES NOT QUENCH THIRST!!! 

Since I am no party pooper and do not want to perceived that way, but I just don’t want to explain the true reason to someone I just met and am pretty sure would not understand, what could my defenses be? I have a liver condition? A kidney condition? A brain condition?

I did try to be a little social. It’s just kind of gotten hard since I got out of college. I am only comfortable enough to be able to be myself with the people I work with, and it’s with them I do not mind going out with. Aside from when the dudes are starting to cross the line being touchy-feely. For that reason, I hesitate going out most of the time.

Well, I now need to find a masquerade mask for my friend’s party next weekend. I kind of have a great dress for the occasion. I just hope it arrives in time or I am so screwed. I rather just shop online. Much variety. Without knowing exactly how I will look in them. But that is the purpose of the mask, after all. Everyone I shall meet, I shall not be recognized by many. Works just perfectly for me. Let’s just hope I receive it in time.

And, maybe buy new shoes. I don’t know. I have enough. But I have a gift card just sitting in my wallet for the past so many months now, I might as well use it, eh? =)


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