The New Thing At Work

28 Sep

So recently my colleagues got into researching those secret government societies and their secret agendas and thw secret ways they carry out what they carry out. Most of it, I had extensively privately studied during my college years, and now refreshing my mind as my coworkers slowly are learning about everything. It’s the new pasttime at work, and interesting. I can’t complain. Lol.

Dehypnotization isn’t much of an easy process. But I see some progress away from the ignorance that has been consuming the lives of the people. Resistance to it, I also witness. I went through that for a few days too back in the day when I was exposed to this reality for the first time. It doesn’t happen initially. It happens when you begin to be fed the more serious stuff.

Let’s see how far beyond they can go before they revert back to the hypnotized stage, back to being puppets, because it became too much information to process at once.

It’s like the quote: “you don’t know what’s going on. You don’t even know you don’t know…” or something around those lines. Let’s observe how much they can see and stay willing to see.

Interesting work life has become again.


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