Numzie’s Kitchen: Pasta Numzato

6 Feb

So I had quite a productive day. I mailed out my passport, I did a lot of grocery shopping and it cost me only $10. I can’t thank Aldi enough for existing. I cleaned some of my apartment and did two loads of laundry. And then I wanted to cook, and I just made the best pasta I have tasted in recent times.


This is the final product. I wanted to do something a little different than just boiling pasta and adding frozen vegetables and hot sauce. I went on to make a tomato sauce – I am not quite sure where the recipe came to mind but I did it.

I chopped up a quarter of sweet red pepper, baby carrots, and grape tomatoes. I took another handful of tomatoes I had, put them in some vegetable oil, added salt and pepper and put them on the stove to cook. Stirring occassionally, I added spoonful of water every time it felt like it’s getting dry, and kept stirring.

Then in another pot, I made the pasta like I was supposed to. When the water was allmost all gone and the pasta looked good to go, I added hot sauce, and then the tomato sauce I made, and stirred till the nice orange-red colour was prominent. And when I tasted it, I was the happiest girl in the world. It was delicious. It tasted like Italian food made under Middle East cuisine.

My boyfriend wants to try it tomorrow, but I am pretty sure he’s going to complain about the vegetables and only half appreciating it – and having potato chips right after. Nevertheless, adding corn to the sauce is going to be my only modification, in addition to figuring out how to makebm two servings instead of one. So far, I don’t think this can be cooled and heated, so I recommend [look at me with my free expert chef advice] just cooking it fresh. It won’t take more than 20 minutes.


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