Halfway In

24 May

Got my acceptance letter into the MBA program – Yayy!

No test center in the province, or this country, to try a higher score for me for scholarship consideration – Booo!

Will it happen? Not without a miracle sponsor. Meantime, I can be happy I am such a good writer they technically couldn’t refuse me, despite the limited number of students who get in from hundreds of applicants.

What I learned: I can be successfully short-listed to my advantage, with the right words – I conquered discrimination!

Here I am, once again. I feel like it is an endless, vicious circle leading back to square one. But at the same time, I feel like I am learning so much more on the side, coming to understand things better – outside school learning counts too, eh?

I will see if there is an option to defer my admission to the next year, while I figure out the remainder of my options. I know time waits for no one, and I also know everything happens at its right time. The only thing I feel is required of me is patience and motivation towards moving forward in a personally acceptable direction, and I’m good.

Meanwhile, I look forward to my vacation next month. I will enjoy being a tourist and eventually a forced settler. Escape opportunities are so limited, honestly.


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