Part 1: Idea

30 Jun

Two weeks away in Dubai. It was fun, an escape from a sleep-eat-pray-tv routine. Also was a new sort of eye-opener – we learn something new everyday.

Back home now, lethargy taking over mostly because I feel in jetlag mode, and the hot weather makes me not want to move.

It is life right now that is waiting to jumpstart. I read this quote the other day how life is like a bow-and-arrow where it pulls you back before it throws you forward at your target, so we should never stop aiming. Oh, I have an aim. I know of several things that will make me happy – number one being a simple need to be on my own. And that is what just doesn’t seem to happen.

Where I once broke out, I am back in again. My life is like a bad remake of Prison Break – get out only to be in again, plotting another great escape. Even there I believe they didn’t do it alone – they broke out with the help of each other. Where is my partner in crime when I need one o.O


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