Imagine. Think. Write

5 Jul

They said I should get creative. The only creativity I have ever known was writing. I started with short stories and then poetry. I had this whole book of poems and songs I wrote back in middle and high school, and now I just do not know where they could be.

*note to self: find your shoebox from the eighth grade!*

But I guess I will give poetry a shot again. Make up scenarios or write from the past I have had. Since current is not interesting enough – day in and day out and the same faces and same routine. But that is poetic in a gloomy sense.

I also am realizing I like being wanted. I just cannot stand belonging. I, however, do not mind owning. I don’t know if it is slightly evil or just pure issues with attachment, but if I had more funds and time for a double major, psychology would have been it. But I stay informed through several publications so it helps me figure how my mind works.

But anyways, I will give poetry a shot. I can taste just how much I loved writing.

Activities! Yay!


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