Those Darn Suitcases

17 Jul

Let’s face it: everyone has baggage. Some big, some small. We carry it around with us all the time, we make friends and we give them a little peak of what we are carrying.

And then we meet a special someone, and this special someone represents what we always wanted: someone who will carry our baggage and in return we carry theirs, distributing the weight.

However, what we do not know is that, sometimes we end up carrying all the weight and the someone who was supposed to be special does not want to help at all. They gave us their stuff and threw ours right back at us.

Some of us carry on, dragging those darn suitcases everywhere even though we are getting tired and have no strength. The weight keeps increasing and we gather more baggage moving ahead.

And then, there are some of us who realize it’s time to grow up. We drop their bags, say “arrivederci, baby” and leave. Because we know, we are not supposed to carry the weight of the world when it will not do so for us. We know, that we are only going to return what is given to us, sometimes in the exact amount – sometimes with a cherry on top.


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