22 Jul

Here I lie quite hopelessly
I can’t believe how easily

She took you away from me
Oh how I wish I could have seen
It coming

She kissed your sweet lovely lips
While you held her strong beautiful hips

That I just did not have
Even though I really wish I had

And you left me wondering why
What did I do to deserve to cry

What did I not give to you
What did she know so well how to do
To win your heart
So that you never look back
To see me fall apart in parts

Did she light up your eyes
Better than I could
Did she make you smile
More often than I ever would

Did her touch comfort you
Better than mine did
Did her body make you scream
Louder than mine ever did

Was what I am not good enough
Was the love I gave not strong enough

Does she even come close to knowing you
Like I do
Does she truly see your soul
Or does she just care about fucking you

Does she hold your hand
When you are afraid
Does she fight your demons
Does she keep you safe

Does she know the pain
That she inflicts upon me
When she dances with you in the rain
When you kiss her soft rose cheeks

Sometimes I wanna rip your eyes out of their sockets
When they shine so bright as you slip
Your hands into her back pockets

Why don’t you both fly away
Crash and burn into another day

Where I forget your existence
So I can let go of this nuisance

So I can apply my two cents
Learn how to stay in my senses

But I wish you both the best anyway
I hope you love her for the piece of shit she is everyday
Even though she will, I pray that she never strays
You’re fucking stupid, you deserve her anyway.


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