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26 Aug

I was a lonely cell amongst many
You were the one cell I chose from plenty

You and I

We go together
Like we are made for each other
Our bond is like that of a zygote
Rocking in our love boat
Shipwrecked but still we float

I used to be a lonely cell
Hiding from the others remaining unknown
I believed I was doing all well
Camouflaged in my private zone

You and I

You became the only cell
I suddenly love down to the bone
In your plasm I will forever dwell
It doesn’t feel wrong it feels like home

We go together
Like we are made for each other
Our bond is like that of a zygote
You have got me by the throat
I’d never want you to let go
Press Pause on your love remote
Keep rocking my body to and fro

Stay in this moment forever
Tell the world to sit back down
No storm will ever cause us to drown
We remain lost in each other
Stranded alone together on our love boat
Bonding strong like a zygote.


That Girl Is A Bitch

25 Aug

That girl
Her perfect hair
Her nails french-manicured
That million dollar smile
Oh how men fell for her from across a mile

That girl
Spoke in the softest words
Laughed in melodious tones
Sang like a nightingale
Oh does she walk like an angel

That girl
Is probably a supermodel
Curves like a coke bottle
Situated on legs that don’t seem to end
Her breasts even fill up her bra

And here is my man
Sitting across from me
Can’t keep his eyes off of her
It’s gross how his lips are drooling

That girl
Stabbing my self-esteem and ripped it down
I see my reflection in the glass and I just want to cry
Why am I alive to see her why couldn’t I just die

Here’s my man fantasizing away
He can already taste her on his lips
While I sit reading 50 Shades of Grey
He is already alone with her in handcuffs and holding whips

Oh that girl
I really cannot compete
She even wears Loubis
While I wear Payless on my feet
My nails never grow long enough
My acne just doesn’t disappear
She talks and people listen
Well I can’t even get a sound out of my mouth
I would tear her tiny clothes if I try to squeeze in them
I won’t ever get a chest like hers
Even if I stuff up my bra I would still look withered

Here’s my man
Well he used to be my man
He found that bitch to be better
Better to hold in his arms in every weather
I never really loved him so it shouldn’t matter
Except that seeing my replacement is leaving my heart in blisters
I am scared of becoming a part-time company to lonely misters

Girls like her will steal away my good, sensible men
So what else is to become of me then
I lack the charm to have a man mesmerized
I don’t possess the beauty to be fantasized

I sit alone in the cafe reading my book
I raise my head to see but no one is giving me a second look
Not even an ugly guy to be hung on me by the hook

That girl
The one with my ex-man
I blame her for shaking up my world
Now I’m left to devise a new life plan
One where I will have to change my face
Wear underwear made of lace
Get rid of my big thick glasses
So I can stand out in the masses
Make my eyes look like black pearls
I just wanna be better than all the girls
I am better off becoming a bitch.


20 Aug

Hello hello
You say to me at the bar
Somewhere in Morocco
Is where you said you’re from
You remind me of
Cupid’s arrow
Hit my heart pretty hard this time
So come follow
Follow me home to my bedroom

Zero zero
Gravity to hold me down
Swallow swallow
Words of love before they spill out
Pillow pillow
Our heads finally rest on together
I will be waking up in your arms

Sparrows sparrows
Chirping outside my window
Your shadow
I see as you creep out
Tomorrow tomorrow
You said you’ll see me again tomorrow

I can’t believe it’s finally here
But hello hello
You don’t answer your phone
I have smoked so much already
My young heart so callow
Won’t believe you played me
Turn up the radio
Listen to sad love songs
Pillow pillow
Drinks up my river of tears

That mysterious fellow
Stranger from the bar
Shallow shallow
Could he really be so shallow
My feelings remain incognito
You don’t deserve my love
But maybe tomorrow tomorrow
You’ll probably call me tomorrow.

Obsessed Stalker

14 Aug

Time slips away
And I stay behind
Wishing for words I wanna someday say
Yet I let them get ahead in line.

In line to talk to you
With a heavy heart that always beats so slow
Till my eyes see you and get stuck like glue
They bleed of passion nothing can stop the rushing flow.

But I smile, and I turn away
I see her in your arms and I know I lost
My obsessive thoughts turned from bright to gray
I shut my heart and freeze it till it’s covered in frost.

Back in my depression
Since the continuous suppression
Of my inconsolable obsession
Is filling me up with aggression
Excessive amount of hostility
Inside me, is feeding into my incapability
To function with sanity.

And I blame you.

I blame your perfection
Your undeniable attraction
It’s a dangerous infection
There’s no need for correction
When my eyes see you and get stuck like glue,
They bleed of passion, nothing can stop its rushing flow.

Love As We Know

13 Aug

Love as we know
Is a beautiful sunny day
Strange hands in each other
A pair of soft lips touching another

Love as we know
Is a beautiful starry night
When a sin couldn’t feel more right
When the feel of another’s skin brought the most delight

Love as we believe
Is a twinkle in the eyes
Is a peaceful smile
A connection of souls
That fulfills our hearts’ goals

Love as we like
Is of words that flow endlessly
Company we appreciate completely
Silence we sit in comfortably
Life we proceed to live thankfully

But what is the love we remember?
The one that walks away
One that after the glory, brings pain?
It brought remorse, it fed resent

What of the love
That believed lies for truth
That saw a lover’s letter on a dove
And saw nothing of the bad spell it flew in

Love as we remember
Is goodbye of everything that made sense
Is loneliness that left us incomplete
Is existence of happiness only in past tense
As we continue on the search for another time and place where we’ll meet

Till that day, my love
Love as I want, the love as I need
Will forever hide inside my heart
Its key lost in your touch

Love as I wish
A touch, a confession, a promise
A burning flame in my body
Waiting to be pleased
Will be at your command
Dying to be released.

Silly Young Girl

12 Aug

Silly young girl
With eyes quite remarkable
And hair in lovely brown curls
Rested on a petite body so desirable

Silly young girl
Wanting to travel the world
With beauty unconcealable
Wanting to achieve the impossible

Silly young girl
Mother told her she was valuable
But for love she was vulnerable
So she burst out of her bubble
So she did the unspeakable

Silly young girl
If only she had known
She wouldn’t be playing sad tunes on the piano
She wouldn’t be crying over that unappreciative fellow
Oh, how she had to leave Chicago

Silly young girl
What is she doing to herself
Why is she blaming herself
Why can she not calm herself
The pain won’t go away all by itself

Silly young girl
She is being so ridiculous
Doesn’t she know she is fabulous
But now she wanted life to be dangerous
So she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles

Silly young girl
Found the warmth of the sunlight
Found the quietness of the twilight
But come every midnight
Strange men’s bodies she would excite

Silly young girl
In finding herself she got lost
She now dwells in a spiritual holocaust
It wouldn’t be so if she knew what love cost

Silly young girl
How she thought she was gonna have the world
But instead it turned her into a ghost
Lifeless, she travelled coast to coast
And death became the thing she desired the most.


6 Aug

Colour me colour me
Colour me the way you like to see me
Colour my lips to please you
In any way you want me to

Stroke some pink on these lips
I smile for you like an angel
I hoped for you to fall for my innocence
Love my face when it shines with radiance

You adore me for a little while
You say my cute laugh makes you smile
But soon your love starts to sink
I just had to, had to wipe off the pink

Colour me colour me
Colour me the way you like to see me
Colour my lips to please you
In any way you want me to

Paint my lips with some dark red
After all you love to see me naked in your bed
Playing under a thin white sheet
Do things to me that we will regret

You feel the heat and we rush for sex
Bite my neck and spank my butt
But soon enough I become your ex
Why would you ever even love a slut

Colour me colour me
Colour me the way you like to see me
Colour my lips to please you
In any way you want me to

I think brown would be a lovely shade
I will dress me up in maturity
I will drink and smoke and get laid
I will be a rich bitch in the city

Now I have your attention and your respect
You like me strong you like me independent
You start to look pathetic but that’s the side effect
Of changing my colours for your amusement

Colour me colour me
Colour me the way you like to see me
Colour my lips to please you
In any way you want me to

Colour me colour me
Colour my lips with your favourite lipstick
I can change we can all agree
But you will always stay a fucking prick.


4 Aug

I watch the sunset behind the pine trees
I call out your name in hopes you will return to me
Have you no idea just how lonely
It is without you here

I am sorry
To you I was attracted
I am sorry
I got so distracted
I am sorry
I kissed your lips
I am sorry
Your touch made me weak
I am sorry
I held on to you
I am sorry
I cared for you
I am sorry
I walked into your life
I am sorry
I wanted to be your wife
I am sorry
I will leave
You don’t have to worry

I walk on this beach at night
I wish you were here my guiding light
I wish for your voice in my ear
I wish for your fingertips
To wipe away my tears

I am sorry
I loved you so much
I am sorry
I am behaving as such
I am sorry
I am pretty fucking attached
I am sorry
Your smile was the brightest thing in my life
I am sorry
I miss you like this
I am sorry
I fooled myself beyond hope
I am sorry
I made a noose out of the rope
You left for me
To choke on and suffocate
I am sorry
I still think of you
But you don’t have to worry
I am about to forget you

As I struggle I remember you
The loveless eyes you looked at me through
The aggression in your palms as you grabbed my body to use
As I hold the noose around your neck
I remember being an emotional wreck
And as your body starts to tremble
I feel my sanity reassemble
You are now sorry
But I will not worry
I put an end to you
To hell with your fucking sorry.