Silly Young Girl

12 Aug

Silly young girl
With eyes quite remarkable
And hair in lovely brown curls
Rested on a petite body so desirable

Silly young girl
Wanting to travel the world
With beauty unconcealable
Wanting to achieve the impossible

Silly young girl
Mother told her she was valuable
But for love she was vulnerable
So she burst out of her bubble
So she did the unspeakable

Silly young girl
If only she had known
She wouldn’t be playing sad tunes on the piano
She wouldn’t be crying over that unappreciative fellow
Oh, how she had to leave Chicago

Silly young girl
What is she doing to herself
Why is she blaming herself
Why can she not calm herself
The pain won’t go away all by itself

Silly young girl
She is being so ridiculous
Doesn’t she know she is fabulous
But now she wanted life to be dangerous
So she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles

Silly young girl
Found the warmth of the sunlight
Found the quietness of the twilight
But come every midnight
Strange men’s bodies she would excite

Silly young girl
In finding herself she got lost
She now dwells in a spiritual holocaust
It wouldn’t be so if she knew what love cost

Silly young girl
How she thought she was gonna have the world
But instead it turned her into a ghost
Lifeless, she travelled coast to coast
And death became the thing she desired the most.


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