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Fall: New Beginnings

5 Sep

I had the most fulfilling first week at my new job. For the kind of person I am known to be, it’s surprising that my current career is in teaching. Yes, I started as a subsitute third grade teacher, and from next week I will be a kindergarten teacher.

I don’t know if it was these kids – or it is just kids in general – but they made me feel like I made the right career choice for now. It has been fun, and this weird overwhelming feeling when they repeat things you teach them and you realize they know this because you taught them. These were eight to nine year old boys so after all the yelling and hugging, I could playfully wrestle them too and in just a couple of days, I was so pleasantly surprised with how much these kids could make me feel important with their begging me to stay their homeroom teacher and not move to another class.

I wish I could stay. But I would be more play than work, cracking jokes and being their friend more than concentrating just on their books. I am dreading the five year olds I will be stormed with, singing rhymes and the alphabet and helping them read and write. Sounds fulfilling, yet I am scared of the crying and the fact they could just poop in their pants and make the class stink :/ But I could still get more teaching done here cuz I definitely have no idea how to entertain kids that age except painfully smiling at them.

On another note, I also got invited to attend the MBA program I had applied for, and they offered financial aid as well. I was so thrilled, except it happened right after I started my new job, started really enjoying it, and then learning the financial aid does not cover housing and I had no savings for it and ended up deciding now isn’t the time for this. And honestly, I do not even regret not being able to attend. It currently doesn’t fit the next step I want to take in life, so will probably pursue it in the future. I am actually having way too much fun knowing that no matter how much or how little effort I put into teaching, I will be making a difference and giving back to the world – the good world which has hope to grow up to continue the difference.

In spite of how much I hate kids, I am hoping there will be at least at one child in my new class that will make the rest of the kids worth putting up with. I am going to be like the teacher in Kindergarten Cop – doing something with no idea how to do it lol.

But you know what they say about teachers… it’s the only profession that makes all other professions possible 🙂