9 Nov

I love about you what you are ashamed to be beneath your skin
I love you for what she can never understand
I dream about you in every way where I’ve had you and where I could never touch you again
I love you even though I don’t quite understand it
I don’t comprehend my obsession though I don’t feel like I want you
I just want you to know
Know that I am here and I love you
And there isn’t a way to get over you so I might as well secretly love you
I might as well wear the biggest smile watching you love her
I love you even though I lost you before I had you
I love you even though I hide it and never speak of it
God knows how much I love you when to this day I cry about you
I love you definitely doesn’t mean I can’t live without you
A part of me is forever left hollow
Your shape is all that will fill it
Holding you in my arms is all that will complete me
Nothing will be completely alright until the day you wrap yourself around me
Never to let me go but to understand my love
And maybe swallow your pride and love me back
Love me back because you know I know you like she doesn’t
I see you for what she doesn’t
I want you to love me regardless of what I lack
I make up for it in what I can give you
Which is love that will burn you from the inside
Love that will melt away the guilt and the shame
Love that you can find shelter in
I have loved you in a manner the world will never understand
I love you enough to find satisfaction in your memories
Even if your real lips are brushing her skin
I love you in my dreams where you are always holding me tight
I love you for how you tell me you love me
I love the sincerity in your eyes then
I wish I could hear that sincerity in your real voice
I love you with a flame that will burn for all of eternity
In silence, because you are still too good to accept me with nothing but love to give.


2 Responses to “Love”

  1. wickedbrownchick November 13, 2013 at 11:45 #

    Woah beautiful. I feel like this spoke to me.. :’)

    • Numzie November 13, 2013 at 11:57 #

      Thanks 🙂 relieving in a way to know there are others who can relate too o.O lol

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