Begin Again. End Again.

8 Mar

Life has been far too busy to keep up on here, but well, I got called into work again, and the woman making my life hell before has been kicked out. So things have become pleasant. Yet, really busy. I teach high school Business, with a bunch of other middle school classes thrown in to fill up my schedule up. Job enrichment right there. With no pay raise but getting a better attitude from the bosses makes it bearable.

Besides that, for the past month, news of deaths and sicknesses had been in the air. Started to believe this year is just going to be terrible. Although, there also have been news about weddings coming up later this year, so guess that is meant to balance the bad omen going around. I am heading out to the homeland for an engagement ceremony later this month. Let’s see how survival in one of the most dangerous cities of the world pans out.

Other than that, everything else has been pretty bland. Blocked my ex, J, out of my life cuz well, I’d had enough of every spark of anger he had to offer. Got on my nerves, infuriated me, and then I clicked delete without hesitation. It wasn’t like I even missed anything we had or were to begin with. It was time I acknowledged my negligibility of emotion towards him than empathize with his understanding of our ex-lovers turned friends fantasy. I don’t even think about him. He is that absent. I feel kinda stupid looking back at how I had made-believe our relationship into something it just never was. Utterly stupid.

But other than that, I have held on to my pact for a year now. It has been exactly a year since I left Chicago, and it still feels like I did just a few months ago. That is how fast this year flew by. Maybe because it brought about less misery and more averageity. I didn’t even feel it slip by.

Scary in a way to know next month I will officially be 25, having lived half my life and still finding a home between comfort zone and true happiness. Halfway there, though. Journey is always the best part anyway. Let’s see what fate number 14 has to bring this year.


2 Responses to “Begin Again. End Again.”

  1. wickedbrownchick March 8, 2014 at 23:53 #

    Wow. You’re a strong woman, to block and delete him.
    I wish I has the strength to do that. I think I’m still on the boat thinking that we can be friends…and maybe go back to what we were before (if his parents accept me)..

    anyway, good for you, enjoying your job and making it 1 year! hope you have better luck soon

    • Ava March 9, 2014 at 01:03 #

      Thanks hun! 🙂 it hadn’t always been easy but after the several fights i think i just got sick of the drama and it became easier to let go.. hope things turn out well in ur case and whatever is best happens. Plus he shld stand up on your side if he feels the same as you do..

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