The Month Of May

3 May

I fell in love one fine evening
It was in the month of May
It was the sweetest fruit I have had to taste
The days of laughter and the nights of kissing
I fell in love ever so unexpectedly
I fell so hard despite what I had planned
I broke my knees I could never get up
Even if I wanted to, I’d still need your arms
The sound of your voice and the dreaminess of your smile
I fell in love with your face and your soul
I didn’t want to but I inhaled every moment of our time
Take me back to the month of May
To that moment in that day
When you looked me in the eyes
And I saw the fire burning for me
I heard those words longing for me
I felt your grip tighten on to me
I wanted to be buried inside you too
So let it rain and let the flowers bloom
I want to stay under the light rays that peak through gray skies
I want the time with you to stand so still
So I can learn to remember everything you ever were
I hope all lovers who kiss in May
Can make their love last in some way
Their laughters echo with each other’s
Their tears blend with each other’s
Their fingers filling spaces between fingers of the other
Their souls smiling at the sight of the smile of the other
I fell in love in the month of May
I remember that feeling to this day
Even though it brings less joy than pain
Even though every time my heart cries for you it’s all in vain
I can find some solace and feel your gratitude
For loving something so unlovable as I
Even if it barely lasted for a day
You gave me a gift even though you took it away
I hold on and I live on
Much more quietly much more alone
I can’t make human connections that touch my soul
It was a nice, cool evening
Wind blowing through my hair
Darkness between us
When I fell in love
In love in the month of May.


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