Do You Know

5 May

It’s the simple things I needed
That you couldn’t give
It’s the little moments I wanted to share
But that is when you disappeared

Do you know what it’s like to love a ghost
It makes you wish you were invisible too
Do you know what it’s like to be meant to be with someone who’s dead
It makes your bones want to turn into trees and your hair into leaves
That fall off and die again when cold winds blow
It’s suicide to wish to be with you
Yet death smells like a sweet release
Where the heart can hurt no more
Where you can’t hurt me any more

So open your eyes up wide
So you may look into mine for the last time
So you can read every word I have written for you
So you can see what happens when a fragile heart falls in love
In love with someone cold out
So please look into my eyes
Study my soul and erase the marks you left on it
I don’t want the bruises to burn any more
I need you to let me go

I once wanted the simple things
The simple things that once made you so happy
But I am left wiping off the little things I ever shared with you.


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