Archive | June, 2014

Do Not Love A Writer

30 Jun

The men who loved her wanted to become heroes of her romance novel
They wanted to be the one to pick her up and gallop her out of her perils

But she bothered not with them
She wrote not of them
Her thoughts were consumed with the ones who didn’t love her back
For she wanted to learn what it was that her full self lacked.



29 Jun

Dreaming with eyes wide awake
I lay inside a deathly calm silence
I watch the shadows do their infamous waltz
As they smudge the darkness with their blackness.

They know the lives I have lived are filled with vacuum
They understand my resentment towards human connections
As I finally become best friends with the shadows
I know I would never have to fear my worst fear of rejection.


28 Jun

She spent every day of her life
Trying to hide her face in the corner
Never meant to be flawless
She lacked something or the other.

When noticed by the people who walked past
She became their definition of imperfect
Their grotesque first impressions of her would also be their last
If heaven was a toy factory, she was its accidental defect.

Beauty Of The Less Bright

22 Jun

Even the ghosts that dwell on trees you seek shade under
Have got to appreciate
The beauty of the less bright this world offers.

Appreciate the long dark nights with rain and thunder
That within you initiated
A spark that cremated your fears
Even those buried within your dustiest corners.

Stupid Man

21 Jun

Stupid is the man in whose arms I fall asleep
He thinks he is my happy place
He thinks that when I close my eyes
It is his handsome face I see.

Stupid is the man who lies next to me, our bodies entwined
He thinks it is him all my love is for
He thinks I see him as the one
When all he can ever be is the guy
Who, for a little while, keeps you out of my mind.

Half Human

20 Jun

An illusive state of mind he was in
For he did not see what was within the walls of his skin
He believed himself to be shaped
Into the most authentically naïve entity
How was I to dawn his truth upon him
That what I saw in him was less than half human
That he was really a despicable beast
Comprised of the most insidious elements
His existence was wrong in all essence
And he was blind to it
For his eyes would only open
When his body laid down in its grave
Only then he would see the trails of blood and horror he left behind
Only then he would understand he was the destruction
That befell upon the undeserving, and the unexpecting.

The Woman In Your Life

20 Jun

She is not a trophy to be won
Sometimes admired, mostly collecting dust.

She is an evergreen plant.
She needs to be watered constantly
With love, compassion & loyalty
So she may grow flowers to add beauty to your miserable life
Purify the air for you to breathe
So she may be the root of your completeness
The stem holding your life upright.

The Inferior Angel

20 Jun

She has been the one to light your way
She has been the one to wash away your cares
She has been the one to comfort you
To sing you out of your blues.

But your unfortunate eyes never could see
Beneath her unpretty exterior
Laid everything you wanted a girl to be
The beautiful angel you treated like your inferior.