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30 Jul

She hated being in love. She wanted a change of heart. Finally, the absence she had yearned for, let her feel the presence of unoccupied space inside herself. And she loved it. It felt light. It felt free. And she realized this is what it must feel like to become privileged after being oppressed.


How Could I

29 Jul

The saddest truth is
That you will never understand
All the reasons
I am bleeding inside
All the times
I hold back my tongue
From showing my softer side.
You will never understand
Why I always have my shield up
Why I never put down my sword
And how my lungs are full
Of every sorrow I ever breathed.
You will never understand
The simplest three words
I have locked away for you.
You will never understand
That I simply wish
I wish I could be prettier
I wish I could be skinnier
I wish I could be smarter
I wish I could be funnier
I wish I could be something valuable.
Just so I could be the one for you.
But I was too complicated
I was too destructive
I was too angry
Cuz I was too broken
To even form a complete silhoutte.
So how could I ever have been his better half?

Writer’s Block

28 Jul

Someday some thing new
Maybe another person, another word, or even another dream
Will trigger the collapse of the obstacles in your way
The dam will break and creative juices will flow
Rushing through the towns in your mind
Flooding out every hidden thing
Trapped inside your neural map.

The Familiar Feeling Of Loss

25 Jul

How sad was it
That what made her so wise
And smarter than most
Was knowing the familiar pain
Of the very first signs
That her lover was slipping away
That the love that took so long to come
Never intended to stay.

Suckers For Love

24 Jul

For the people who eat, breathe, bleed love
Are inevitably going to be to the side shoved
They keep giving their all for little in return
Temporary chivalry they will swallow till inside out they burn.

The Ripper

23 Jul

Drive past the city lights
In hopes that he might
Find a dime to love for a while
Midnight to the break of dawn
For a little while he could belong
Next to hot flesh wet in sweat
Raindrops on the wind shield
Inticing his thirsty groin for company
He cannot be lonely tonight
Even if the warmth came from
Drenching in fresh corpse’s blood.

Blood Within

22 Jul

He was the blood that remained
Within my living, running
And within my dead, still.

Cursed Cycles

21 Jul

Pieces of my shattered soul poured out of my open veins
Penetrating his concern, bruising him too
A damaged me had nothing but scars to gift
He couldn’t fix, so himself broke – and moved on to cut her too.


20 Jul

I am the heat that fills your atmosphere
Seeping inside you through your every layer
This game, our forbidden affair
Is all that you will push you out of despair
So take me, prepare
Let me make all your troubles disappear.


19 Jul

It was a challenge to love him
Not in a hidden treasure kind of way
But as trying to love a pimple on your cheek
Inane to want
Sarcastic need
An ugly blemish on your life
Simply fucking useless.