Archive | August, 2014

Devil’s Game

31 Aug

In midst of chaos
Occurred unfathomable theft
Devil in disguise
Promised everything asked
But shallow soul paid the price
In red light
Nostalgia struck
Care not for soul sold
Only for loss of a good fuck
Negatives of his conscious mind
Developed only into her body
To the taste of her lips
To the scent of her skin
All he saw and all he could remember
Was how easily to her he would surrender.


Crash Landing

30 Aug

Crash landed into your bed
Destructive beginnings
Tore off our layers
Steamy rides
Flight back into outerspace
Knowing what goes up will surely come down

We Were Recluses

29 Aug

The rhythm of your heart
Beats no longer my tunes
Echoing inside your body
Refracting off of my surface
Lost synchroneity
Drumming to its own blues
Slowing pulses
As we depart
Away from familiarity
Back to reclusivity.

Angels Don’t Stay

28 Aug

To help unwind you think of me
To sensualize your soul you dream of me
To wipe your tears you reach out to me
To keep you warm you light fire inside me
You only want me when you need me
But leave me when you’ve dried me
So take your bleeding wrists as a message
That starting tonight, I forbid you from remembering me.

Might As Well

27 Aug

In stagnancy we find our living death
So we might as well mindlessly fuck till our brains are out of breath.

Dark Souls

26 Aug

Maybe, it wasn’t that she had a dark soul. Maybe, whenever she would turn on her luminous light, she would find herself surrounded by blood-sucking kleptomaniac moths, that eventually, she herself became blind to the brightest of lights ever to have illuminated from inside a being.

Neural Cages

25 Aug

We are all hollow
with our souls extinct
All that drives us is
satisfying our animal instincts
Lust and sloth and greed
Have minds caged
so we don’t even know
the concept of being free.

Savage World

24 Aug

If your eyes only knew
how to see beyond
where you look
You will see
how much of her
the world blindly took

If your mind only knew
how to think
and not how to you assume
Maybe for once
you can save who
you were about to savagely consume.

Death Of Me

22 Aug

You may as well be
The death of me
I would never mind
For in your one kiss
I have lived a thousand lives
With nothing more to know
I’m okay if now is my time to go.


21 Aug

You know what is
so sinisterly romantic
about him?

The abyss in his black eyes
that sucks you inside
to his soul,
so you can never live
separating your life from his.