Archive | September, 2014

Back To Basics

30 Sep

Unassemble me
Uncomplicate me
Disarm me
Bring me back
Back to my basics
So you can
Distinguish me
From all the mess
That makes it hard
For you to see
The real me.


Stuck In Pity

26 Sep

She would have walked away ages ago
If she didn’t feel how much you needed her
How you would be so alone
without her existence in your life
With your haunting loneliness
piercing through her heart
She paralyzed right next to you
With no other option she had to stay,
Clinging tightly to your demons
for the sake of dear life.

For Her

23 Sep

Isn’t it just for her eyes he did all the good he did? By God, if it wasn’t to impress a soul as beautiful as hers, if it wasn’t to captivate the attention of the best thing he had ever known, he would still be at the command of the monster that was in him, leaving traces of filth everywhere he went.


20 Sep

She had taken
such high doses of poison
so many times before,
even his most lethal dosage
couldn’t possibly hurt her
She was a survivor.
Nothing could ever leave
its mark on her,
never again.


18 Sep

Need for a cure has never been vital
When you as my drug can run through me viral.


15 Sep

She always thought a lot. Thinking maybe if she does so long enough, he would somehow appear in front of her. The scenarios in her head were unreal, but they kept him close to her, just how she wanted him. She knew the real him could never be with her so. But she only knew how to love him and every version of just him. And with a hologram of him in her head, she defined love. Crazy or not, her insane fantasy world made her the happiest girl in the world.

Last Time

12 Sep

You will leave it all behind
As you walk into the mist
Just the outline of your silhouette
As you fade into the night

And I will leave all doors open
As I wait for your return
Just my lonely shadow on my bedroom wall
As I realize I have lost you for the last time.

Love Is

10 Sep

Love is chemistry.
It is igniting each other
to explode into several bits
across the vast universe,
it is seeing everything
everywhere all at once,
it is making you whole again
with pieces of me,
while filling me
with pieces of you.
Love is a compound
of you and I.
Love is as simple
as you and I.

Letter From Ghost

9 Sep

“Love like it’s the last thing there is to do,
Learn like there is too much you cannot go if you don’t know.
Live fools, live
Live a thousand lives in one
Before you join us and see the beauty in everything
But can touch the atom of nothing.”

Might As Well

7 Sep

In stagnancy
we find our living death
So we might as well
mindlessly fuck till
our brains are out of breath.