Archive | November, 2014

Love Is There

30 Nov

Love is there
somewhere; beneath it all
Beneath the laughter
and the desire to sink
into your bright eyes;
Beneath wanting to see you
There is a bond,
Ever so strong
I couldn’t break it
if I tried –
Love is there
Behind every spoken word
And every thought left



26 Nov

Why care
About the
Element of physical

The nature
Of our love
Is spiritual?


24 Nov

So many
Walked past her
Unable to see
She was exactly
What they had
Been looking for.

So many chased
The stunningly beautiful
All the while hoping
They could be
Half the soul
She was comprised of.


21 Nov

Till the flames become dust
Till iron becomes rust
Till love blooms from lust
Till our hearts burst
Till no more we can hurt
Stay by my side
Darling, you must.


18 Nov

It’s so easy
to pretend
isn’t it?
With the fake smiles
and all the lies,
that everything
is okay,
and you don’t have
anything to hide?
You do such a
god damn good job
at it,
no one can
fucking guess
the kinds of demons
that live within you,
teasing you
of your past,
your present,
your future.


15 Nov

Oh, but darling,
it always has
been you.
Where do
you expect me
to find
the heart to
withstand the force
of your words
when they read
you are not
the one
for me?


12 Nov

You are, but
The epitome
Of my desire
A nourishment
For my soul
That will
Never expire.

The Abused

10 Nov

Tough was something she had to be,
but all sorts of fears crawled about
right under her skin.
She would pretend well
that her skin was thick
and she doesn’t bleed,
but when she had to face her fears,
she crumbled and surrendered.

After all, she was never taught
that she mattered.
And holding to the feeling of worthlessness tight,
she never once could for herself fight.


8 Nov

Trapped you
Within my
You cannot
Now vibrate
With not me
Within you.


5 Nov

She was mad. Fearless. Reckless. Out of control.

And she didn’t mind.

For she was mad because she was awake.
Fearless because she was unstoppable.
Reckless because she was passionate.
She was out of control because she was change.

She was what everyone needed.
She was war and she was peace.
She was movement and she was resistance.
She was the revolution.
She was the anarchy.