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Every So Often

28 Dec

There is a life that is
dreamed of every so often.
Like a destination that will be
the answer to all the struggles.
Always caught in that vision,
a realistic fantasy.
That every so often,
here and now is forgotten,
left unappreciated.
Unrecognized remains the beauty
in the troubles that make
life what it is supposed to be…


The Artist

22 Dec

She drew unusually,
people with objects they
were never meant to have.
Like, a child with a weapon,
an adult with a pacifier.
Because what she saw
was just as unusual –
a child being authoritative
an adult desperate to be loved.
She hid love
within broken images
she depicted misery
in solemn oaths of forever.
She was weird to most eyes
for she saw what they couldn’t
Quite simply put, the truth
and when the truth is weird
we live in a pretty twisted world.


19 Dec

Find me within
The Echoes of
Your soul

I’m right there
To forever hold
You close

Right with you
When your body
Turns cold

With you
Beyond the
Of your bones.

Dreaming Together

16 Dec

She never was the kind to share her dreams, but there was something beautiful about dreaming with him. The way they could close their eyes and travel to anywhere they wished, it was so magical it left goosebumps on her skin with how real it felt. And when she opened her eyes and saw the most reassuring of smiles curved on his lips, she knew the magic laid inside him. In the depth of love he felt for her. She finally understood with clarity what it means to know of a love with no boundaries, she found the answers as she laid next to him, ready for him to take her to another place in another time.

We Shall Meet

13 Dec

We shall meet in a place where there
is no darkness, just the full moon
lighting up all of the night sky.
We shall lay on the sands of
moonlit beaches, swim in the
soft waves of blue lagoons,
somewhere in the South Pacific,
where no one can find us,
where no sorrow may touch us,
just the mellow warmth of your
embrace in mine. We shall meet in
a place where there is no darkness,
even beneath shut eyes, for we are
going to be right next to
each other, wrapping each other
in imagined sunshine. Just follow
the light that leads you to me
past the monsters you fear, and into
the brightness of my shadow
and forever we shall be.

Inspired by my favourite quote from George Orwell’s 1984… We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness.

His-&-Her Eight Word Story

10 Dec


In temptation
He lost
All of
His soul


In lust
She burned
Her ability
To love

The Abused

7 Dec

You know about
all the horrible things
that could
happen to a woman?
Well, imagine it all
happening to one –
to be touched too young,
to be cheated on,
to be verbally, emotionally
and physically abused,
to endure sexual assault and rape.
Over and over, again, and again.
And you wonder why she
shies away from your love?
Because what destroyed her
is not where her happily ever after
can ever lie.
You created the poison
that runs through her veins now,
yet can’t stand how bitter it tastes.
Tired of circles,
she is heading on a straight path,
to find peace and happiness
of solitude
in her castle of thorns.


3 Dec

I don’t know how to trust, I guess. I don’t trust anyone to be there for me because experience has taught me that no one will ever be there when I am in the most desperate need. I have pulled myself through for as long as I can remember – through everything I ever went through; I don’t think there is ever anything I could go through anymore where I would need a shoulder other than my own to lean on.

And somehow I get called selfish. Well, I am happier being the kind of selfish where I keep me to myself cuz no one else can do a better job at taking care of me than I myself can.