Archive | January, 2015

All The Fucking Time

30 Jan

Nobody needs to figure it out
Nobody has to have a clue
This is only ours
How we live and how we feel
What we do and what we go through
Where our demons reside
What all we hide inside
This is all ours
Only ours to know
But silly me
I write about it all the fucking time.


Unsupportive Self

26 Jan

Of all the things not there
When needed the most
In times of crisis
I miss myself the most.


23 Jan

Paralyzed with silence
Quietly she watched
As the world bittered
Tore apart her love
Numb with fear
She let her love die
In front of her eyes
Regret she felt
As she cried inside
Her thick skull
Move she didn’t
To save the last good thing
That would have brightened
Up this dark, dark world.

Burn With Me

20 Jan

I never cared
The future is certain
That we are
Not meant to be
For I am not
Asking for love
All I need is
Right now is
For you to ignite my body
Just for tonight
Till I burn with me
The whole world down
Like the disaster
We together have
Always been.


17 Jan

When our whispers
Turned to screams
It became quite clear
From close to distant
We have come to be.


13 Jan

No soul left inside of you
To leave your body and to let it rest
But that is what you had to get
When you began to dwell
With the devils all the way from hell
Did you forget you had to stay awake
To spread mischief of sorts?
Can you finally now remember why
Monsters never sleep at all?


10 Jan

I did not believe in love
I did not believe it ever lasts
I did not believe in miracles
I did not believe in me.

Until you came along
Broke the vicious cycle
My saving irregularity
I knew the instant that
you made me believe in me
That I’d believe anything
You ever have to say to me.


7 Jan

Being his work of art
His scars on her she carries
Hurt she will not unveil
So she hides in the shadows
Loving you from afar
Restlessness within her
Her heart longing
To find your beat
But no more reason
To be visible
Expectations unreal
With the skin she walked in
Too used to secrecy
She couldn’t now bother
Hoping for change
Trying for love.

His Hand

4 Jan

His was a hand
She could hold on to
Until the very end of time
It always found her
Right before she fell
It always took her
To her sanctuary
Next to his beating drum
Keeping her safe
Till all her demons burned
Back down to hell.


1 Jan

Borrowed life
And everything in it
Adjoin to nothing
None is yours
To begin with

How can anything
Any happiness
Any sorrow
Any pleasure
Any pain
Be permanent
When life itself
Is rented?