Archive | February, 2015


27 Feb

She always hoped for the unpredictable. But every single time, was left unsurprised with the predictability of the turnout of every situation. Guess it stood true what they said, there is no true despair without the presence of hope.



24 Feb

Hazed in your delusion
Tranced state of mind
I should stop, withdraw
Before I myself
fade away.


20 Feb

I could be your anything
But I rather just be
Your everything
While you remain
My nothing.


17 Feb

Night befalls

Your absence

Still Lingers

My Hopelessness

Still persists.

I Know Not Much About Love

14 Feb

I don’t know much about what true love is supposed to feel like. But I know of moments waking up next to you and seeing your smile. I know of the way you could make me laugh, and I know of the moments when my misery never felt as bad. I know of how comfortable silence felt with you, and I know of days there were not enough hours in to finish our stories. I know of sharing dinner in bed with you, watching pirated DVDs, and I know of how wonderful it felt falling asleep with your lips on mine. I really don’t know much about feeling empty without another, but I know of you making me the happiest I have ever been, and that felt a lot better than whatever the fuck true love was supposed to make us feel anyway.


10 Feb

No bad habit
Evil enough to
Make him my
Good habit.

Brutal Honesty

6 Feb

Beautiful sadness in the eyes

Hushed cries from the lips

And he wondered what he

Did to deserve such brutal

Honesty from the woman he

Secretly wanted to discover all

Hidden scars of.


3 Feb

It began
On a lovely winter afternoon
Shining sun and chilly breezes
When our eyes met
It began
As a smile painted on my face
And mischief on yours
We knew then
As I held hands with my man
And you fiddled with your ring
It had surely begun
Two cold and selfish bodies
Bathing in sweat and sin
Goodness draining with each thrust of the hips
Conscience escaping with every moan from the lips
Care none for the one who cared
The end had begun
Of being worthy of love
Of all salvation in store for our damned souls.