Archive | March, 2015


28 Mar

How absolute it must feel
To strip down to your many bare branches
To rid yourself of what you were admired for
Revealing your edges and cracks and wrinkles
And still feel beautiful and still feel loved.



24 Mar

My soul was immiscible
Until it met your ghost
Now blended in you
I become inseparable
From the only one I
Have ever seen to be true.


22 Mar

Don’t go digging up my skeletons
Lest you awaken my demons
And get engulfed by them
Never to escape them.

I Am

17 Mar

I am
Wandering, but not lost
Alone, but not lonely

I am likely
In deep
But definitely
not drowning.

What I surely am
Is floating in
Yesterday’s wreckage,


13 Mar

I am an artist of words
Born of the labyrinth
Of personalities inside of me
All saturated in
Those fucking thoughts of you.

How Many

10 Mar

How many write of a love
They never had the chance
To experience
How many die to feel
That emotion and
That physical intensity
All the while knowing
They have no courage
To dare to lay out
The fragility of their heart
To be vulnerable, to be open
To experience the cruelest
Of all heartaches.

Daughter: Story Of A Girl

6 Mar

Tranquil state of mind
Suddenly sodden in chaos

Escape would mean fight
Fight would mean courage

But taught the art
Of neither, she understood

Destiny to be of
Only sacrifice and submission.


2 Mar

She stopped giving fucks
About the ones she fucked
Faster than a bullet
Could escape its barrel

After all, in the real world
Feelings were an overrated function
For the few grams of meat in her ribcage
That had a lot more to do than run the risk of figuratively breaking all the damn time.