Archive | April, 2015

Jack & Sally

26 Apr

You are dead inside

I am a walking ghost

We are definitely

A match made in hell

Eternally cursed

To find bliss in

Loving the most

Rotten of creation.



23 Apr

It is always the promise

Never intended to be kept

That fatally gets

Embedded on our soul,

Forever to change

The course of our actions.


19 Apr

The best part about

Turning into ice is

Freezing inside me

What I found when I

Was flowing so freely,


Frosted on my bones,

A thousand suns

Couldn’t relinquish the

Love storming through

The winter I have

Come to become.


14 Apr

She wore nothing but

The colour black

For she was all – 

An infinite view into space

An endless abyss into the earth.

She wore black

For she had all – 






And most of all

She had



9 Apr

Promise the goddess within

To never let a monster so close

You begin to taste on your tongue

Your own dust as you weather away.

Promise your divine

You will build no bridges

To your queendom

That you will accept

Your ethereal element

As all that you will ever need

To be complete.


5 Apr

I told myself today

What I was always

Too afraid to hear,

“Your thoughts are only

Made up of

False memories,

My dear.”

I Thought Of You

1 Apr

And today, my love,
I thought of you eighty-seven times.
I thought of the eighty-seven ways to get rid of you,
Which consisted of eighty-one ways to kill you once and for all.