Archive | May, 2015

My Contradiction

31 May

Draping curtains of innocence over cruel intentions, I am a sinner posing as a saint.

Raising walls of fire around a heart of gold, I am merely a saint pretending to be a sinner.

My contradiction is my only truth, that I am a great big fucking liar.


All You Will Ever

27 May

And tonight, my love

I am cloth, drenched in the taste of your pain

I am wood, chiseled with your fears

I am the angel that stays awake to watch over you

I am the devil that will break all hell loose for you

I am you, under my flesh and inside my bones

I know you, and I’m with you anyway

And that makes me love

I’m all you will ever need.


24 May

I have written down words tainted with his soul. I have spilled my ink in the form of his face. So that every single time you will read these lines, I will smile as the beat of his heart begins to echo from within these pages. He resurrects back to life, through and through. He is my immortal, embedded on this earth forever. So all, but him, will ever know how I kept him alive, while I myself one day turned into dust.


19 May

My darkness rests

As I get lost in your arms

So let your light shine

As you lock me in your embrace

Make me believe for a moment

Serenity is something meant for me, too.


15 May

Ironic to find beauty

In that which is

At the brink of

Its death.

We are a cursed lot,

To begin to love

Only when our object

Is about to perish.

Chain Reaction

10 May

For every time

You clawed into

My skin

You created art

That inspired

My pen to stain

These pages

In poetry.

Be The One

5 May

As broken as I may be

I could be the one

To mend your broken

Show you the way

To safety again.

As lost as you may be,

You could be the home

I’ve been searching for

So I never have to be

Scared alone again.


1 May

I know your struggle all too well

To just sit back and watch you

As you crumble and succumb.

How do you not see, love

Just how much of yourself

You keep losing in this

Foolish game of heroism?