Archive | June, 2015

Ghost Orchid

28 Jun

Like the ghost orchid


yet essentially unknown,

She is concealed inside

the solitary darkness

of the underground

Rare and exceptional,

Like all the best things in the world

She subsists,

an undiscovered gem,

protected by

the depth of her obscurity.



24 Jun

I am just

Part of your


A consequence

Of your

Unforgivable actions.


20 Jun

You must be

So lonely

As to love this

Horrible aftermath

Left behind

By the one

Before you.

Love And Obsession

17 Jun

Love is
Grasping a single moment’s of sleep
Just to feel his presence lurking in your dreams.

Obsession is
As dangerous as that bottle of sleeping pills you took
So you never have to lose his shadow, ever again.


14 Jun

There was nothing but sweetness of innocence in his eyes.

But he still called himself a monster. 

What he never realized was, behind every action of his he deemed unforgivable, hid the world that made him lose all sight of the real him.

To me, he was nothing less than a saint.

Beaten down and thrown at the corner of lies and broken promises, left bleeding out hope, encountering what has forever been the fate of all heroes.


12 Jun

It is a beautiful deed
to love His creation
in the form of you.

It is ever so noble
of you to love
the faultiest
of His creations
in the mask of me.


10 Jun

Guilt has never been something
I was gifted of experiencing
I did no wrong that I am
remotely even aware of
And those who I did hurt
on a quite conscious level
I did so knowing that there
was no other fate that was
more just for them than
that I brought upon them.


4 Jun

Don’t tell me you are all darkness inside and even around you.

For it to be dark, it has to have known light.

So accept it, love.

There lies within you light.

Even if right now it is merely a spark.

How can dark exist without light, when even the  devils behind your mischiefs coexist with the angels created for your protection?