Archive | September, 2016


23 Sep

Walked away from the light and into the shadows, but never could reach far. So I stood and said ‘Hello’ instead, befriending what I never could myself be.



21 Sep

Isolate me from the bedlam I have been living in

Unravel me as I intertwine in your mystery

I’ll mask your truth concealed inside you

Till they may see us, yet still never see us.


20 Sep

I become more and more aware

Of how human and of this earth I am

As I find myself left endlessly in awe

By the beauty of the unearthly.


20 Sep

Who was he,

but a figment of a past once spent

Imagining a future happiness

That never once came to be.

Unspoken Goodbyes

18 Sep

At the tip of your tongue

Wanting to slip out

Say it and get it over with

You might know everything

But you have yet to learn

Nothing is as unfair as

Unspoken goodbyes.