20 Sep

I become more and more aware

Of how human and of this earth I am

As I find myself left endlessly in awe

By the beauty of the unearthly.



20 Sep

Who was he,

but a figment of a past once spent

Imagining a future happiness

That never once came to be.

Unspoken Goodbyes

18 Sep

At the tip of your tongue

Wanting to slip out

Say it and get it over with

You might know everything

But you have yet to learn

Nothing is as unfair as

Unspoken goodbyes.

Yin Yang

9 Nov

He is my other half. What I am no more, he is now. Where I am rough edges shaded in black and white, he is the dream in color, the uncomplicated, the ideal. He is the clarity when I am the clouds. He is the day, harmonious with the night I am. He is my other half, playing yang to my yin.

Stolen Light

3 Nov

There’s a stolen light that has the power to take over all of me, captivate me in a manner nothing ever has. Not true love, not even the hate I feel so easily, has left me so powerless, so submissive. After all, who isn’t mesmerized by a thief that shamelessly shines its greatest heist for the world to see?


23 Aug

I have found the eyes that could gaze into mine and see my universe, arms that are castle walls protecting me from all, voice that speaks to make me believe the words I never could before. 

He is awakening in me what has long been in slumber. His waves crashing into my fears, breaking them, washing away their pieces. Storm’s over… and here I stand, in full bloom as I fall into his embrace to never wither again.


18 Aug

Memories of a darkness I once lived consume me

They originate in my head nightmares of fluctuating intensities

The fog of vacuum around their ears nullify my screaming

Tormented and turned into ruins, the core of the earth now emerges as my only sanctuary

An escape from the heavenly winter night beauty

That only knew how to lie and betray me.


12 Aug

Happiness is sometimes a difficult emotion to put into words, because it can be so hard to understand. Maybe this is what makes one so hesitant towards feeling it – it’s rare, it’s extraordinary. It may even be blind – somewhat selfish – for it can exist without guilt. It makes others frown upon those who have found it, because it is so enviable at the same time. But it’s a gift, that knocks on everyone’s door, many still confused about its actuality to begin to let it in.


5 Aug

Bloom to maturity

Wilt to death

Love recycles

Its object



30 Jul

Caressing fingers

On bare skin

Dawn comfort

Emerge passion

Lock away in lust.