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Alpha Retards and Possible Break-ins.

29 Aug

Had one of those crazy days at work with the worst kind of customers ever today. I had to work with two customers on three different computers at the same time, while on the phone with technical support fixing a third phone, all the while with these crazy women yelling and trying to intimidate and demand credits and free stuff.

Really? Great try. You’re not a valuable customer when you start to yell at me when I am trying to explain you the problem and only doing something for you I shouldn’t even do in the first place. Sorry bitch.

And in the midst of it all, I observe the social effect, that starts with one customer complaining and slowly everyone around starts to complain about things they didn’t need to be complaining about. Probably the most annoying thing about females. They always want to relate, always want to connect. And they do it by finding the smallest thing in common with the person they are talking to.

But, I guess I handled half of the crazy women in the store pretty well. Keeping my cool was so hard, but I managed to have them leave smiling. Except for the alpha retard of the day. Another customer who was waiting for quite sometime comes up to me, rubs my hand, and so genuinely asked me if I am okay. I didn’t realize my hands were crazy cold until she pointed it out.

This wasn’t even as bad. It was the man who had come in earlier during the day that brought out a side of angry in me my coworkers were left shocked and scared, saying they have never seen me like this. I had done nothing except greet him and he just speaks back to me in Polish, I assume that’s what it was, where he did not even ask for someone who speaks Polish. But I went and got my Polish-speaking coworker anyway since all this dude was doing was raising his voice at me and used his body language to show instant frustration with me. And apparently, he could very well speak enough English to have a normal conversation with.

And then he addresses me trying to ask me questions about me like I am stupid because I rolled my eyes at him. Yes, I did that. At that point, I had every right to roll my eyes at him. I snapped back at him with my answers to his questions, and added “thank you very much!” Well, he shut up and left. I had already devised at least 5 kinds of deaths for him in my head in the 50 seconds he addressed me in English when he could have just spoken to me in that language from the start.

Forget the old rule “Customer Is Always Right“. For all I have learned from my experience, “Customers Are Mostly Officially Retarded Thinking They Can Take Advantage Of The Old Rule.

When will they get it? You don’t mess with people who handle your phone service. You don’t mess with them especially if they are me. Me when angry. My coworker came up to me after he was gone and made me breath till I was calm. Even though I was smiling back at her, I don’t know how I got so angry.

Could be the possibility I was actually still tensed from last night. I think my room was broken into. I mean, less think. More obviously that someone was in my bedroom, and forgot to fix something the way it’s always supposed to be. Either because whoever it was left in a hurry and didn’t realize, or left it that way so I would notice. AND… my window is open just a little more than what I had left it at. Considering whoever it was pulled down the curtain I had left barely-balanced on purpose. Everything else in my room seemed in the right place. Nothing missing. Except for the curtain. The horrible mistake of not fixing it back up the way it was supposed to be.

That is why I assume it was through the window. But my window looks out on a 24/7 busy street, and I had gotten home from work close to midnight last night anyway. So whoever it was could not have done it unnoticed. Hence, I have been panicky, and that has made me angry. Nothing is missing, but I don’t know if something is added. With new drawer additions to my room, I shall finally be able to create more space and reorganize and figure out the count of my items -__-