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Itsy Bitsy Pieces

13 Jun

I don’t believe in horoscopes, I just read them every morning, forward them to my best friend so we can “yeah right” and laugh it off.

But for the past few days, I have been finding myself able to relate, like it’s a direct message to me.


“Something in your life keeps repeating. Some sign keeps appearing to you. Some message seems to be repeatedly whispered in your ear. What is it that you are supposed to learn? You have been ignoring the wisdom the universe is trying to impart to you – probably because it requires some kind of change that you think will be awkward or upsetting. But once you spread your wings and make that change, you will experience a sense of freedom and renewal, and it will all begin to make sense. Be open to a big change.”

Yeah, I know. I’m looking at it less as “OMG HOROSCOPE!!!!” but more as a piece of advice.

Change… yeah, we can all use it at some point in life. For me, it’s like I really want it. Cuz basically,┬álately, I have been feeling like a machine, with a few traces of life. I have shut down, maybe. Well, I brought myself to this point. I wanted this, but I had pictured it differently.

The other day, I took an hour something trip downtown just to get this ice tea from this one cafe. And I sat there in the midst of the city life hustle, people in their business suits, all the cars rushing past, not to forget that one dude on a 10 day hunger strike. The best part was when I got up to start heading back, this whole flock of pigeons flew at me.

Well, not literally at me. They flew from the other end to go past me. But it was odd because there was no one throwing them food where I was. So, I stood there for like two minutes as they flew across, and I couldn’t help but smile.

And nah, my perfect moment for once was not ruined to become a comedy. They didn’t poop on me or around me. I could actually enjoy that instead of rolling my eyes repeating “fml fml fml”.

And then coming to work the other day, there was this adorable little puppy sitting calmly on a leash by its owner. It was looking at me so I smiled, and when I crossed it, it got up and started to follow me, all excited.

I am not a dog person but it was one of the most adorable puppies I’ve seen and those few seconds I knew it for, I felt like I would love to have a puppy of my own someday.

There is this dog I walk by everyday back and forth from work – the owner keeps him loose behind the fence and it always walks from one end to the other end of the fence with me. He seems sad, and very lonely. I have never seen the owner give any attention I guess, the 14 seconds of company we give each other everyday suffices somehow.

It’s these little things in life right now that are giving me a reason to keep pushing through. I don’t know anymore where I am heading, what tomorrow will bring, I am grateful to have what I asked for even if it came a little too twisted, but there is still comfort that I didn’t have before.

I missed my family last night. It was a sudden rush of emptiness and before I knew it was a little too late and I was there crying.

And then I had to shake myself out of that state. I asked for this. Parts of it, at least. And if my horoscope has the least bit of decency, maybe what seems like signs I keep seeing everywhere actually do navigate me in the rigjt direction.

Or it will be another horoscope app that gets uninstalled with a poor rating.



Cats.. Just Can’t Have One!

15 Apr

OMGEEEENESSSS!!!! I was having a quiet Saturday in, as usual, and I came across this Youtube video, and I swear it made my day! I don’t know what it is about cats, I feel like having one in my life would mean completion. But either ways, this video makes me awwww and laugh and the same time! Perfect for moments you feel low for unexplained reasons.