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Breadful of Regrets

14 Jun

So at lunch today, my coworker tells me this random story of an old couple. It went a little something like this…

So this couple is sitting at the table, having their breakfast. The wife, as usual, eats up the soft portion of the bread and hands the hard part to her husband.  The husband, after so many years, finally spoke up annoyed, “why do you always leave the hard part for me?! You’ve been doing that for the past 40 years and I don’t understand why you leave the worst part for me!” To which, the wife replied, “the hard part is my favorite, I thought it was yours too…”

That was the saddest story I have heard in a long time. And the moral of it was simple: Communication is the key.

Definitely don’t want to reach that age and realize you’ve lived a life full of regrets because you never could say what you always wanted to.

Yeah, my coworker is probably going to shoot me someday for writing so much of the stuff he tells me, but conversations with him are interesting and kind of always make me think. So, if he ever does happen to find my blog, at least he’ll appreciate the fact I did mention it’s borrowed and not mine.



Cats.. Just Can’t Have One!

15 Apr

OMGEEEENESSSS!!!! I was having a quiet Saturday in, as usual, and I came across this Youtube video, and I swear it made my day! I don’t know what it is about cats, I feel like having one in my life would mean completion. But either ways, this video makes me awwww and laugh and the same time! Perfect for moments you feel low for unexplained reasons.