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Child of Darkness

9 Jan

Maybe it had been a dream, or a voice that you could hear only when silence surrounded you. Nevertheless, it was then, in the darkest hour of the night, that the truth finally became as clear as day. And you began to realize that the darkness wasn’t there to blind you, but to hide everything else that hid the truth from you all along.



4 Jun

Don’t tell me you are all darkness inside and even around you.

For it to be dark, it has to have known light.

So accept it, love.

There lies within you light.

Even if right now it is merely a spark.

How can dark exist without light, when even the  devils behind your mischiefs coexist with the angels created for your protection?

We Shall Meet

13 Dec

We shall meet in a place where there
is no darkness, just the full moon
lighting up all of the night sky.
We shall lay on the sands of
moonlit beaches, swim in the
soft waves of blue lagoons,
somewhere in the South Pacific,
where no one can find us,
where no sorrow may touch us,
just the mellow warmth of your
embrace in mine. We shall meet in
a place where there is no darkness,
even beneath shut eyes, for we are
going to be right next to
each other, wrapping each other
in imagined sunshine. Just follow
the light that leads you to me
past the monsters you fear, and into
the brightness of my shadow
and forever we shall be.

Inspired by my favourite quote from George Orwell’s 1984… We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness.