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The Creeper And The Entertainer

2 Sep

There are three kinds of customers: those who come in to do business and leave in peace, those who creep on you the whole time you’re taking care of them, and those who like to create unnecessary drama for your entertainment.

So tonight, on my way home, like just a few blocks away from home, I happened to cross a nightmare. A customer. No, not just any customer. One who refused to leave the store. The one who spent like the longest time in the store trying to ask me out and going on to describe me as an “exotic creature“. Which by the way, has now become a comment to tease me with at work.

And tonight, seeing him on the street, still not knowing the purpose of the buttons on his shirt, it literally made my heart stop for a few seconds – my initial stage of alarm. I tried to pretend I did not notice him, but he stepped up to me anyways, and as I tried to rush past, he grabbed my arm.

Gross. Gross, because he is a gross individual. Gross because I do not like being just grabbed on the street. Or anywhere for that matter. As busy as this street is, it is still dark enough around some corners, and not walked on at all times. Just cars rushing by for the most part.

He started to say something to me but well, I do not walk the streets without music blasting through my earphones and I heard not a word he said, just barely saw his lips move to form the words “hey” and “you“. I mumbled some words I myself didn’t hear and like broke free, still not looking at him in the eye, or acknowledging the fact I had seen his face. I ran. Not like all the way ran, I had stuff I was carrying. And wearing heels. More like, escape-mode-fast-walking.

After a few seconds, I turned around. Just to be sure he is not going to follow me. With the recent mysterious unwelcomed entry into my bedroom from God knows where, I was not going to risk being followed all the way home by a mentally-kind-of-not-all-the-way-there or likely-involved-in-some-shady-business person who spends hours at my job trying to compliment me and get my number with myself being uselessly polite because I am scared to offend somebody who shows potential to be dangerous.

Well, he did not follow. I think he was a little too drunk. But all I know is, now I have a legit reason to be worried. Running into people on the street who know me from work. I do not like that at all. Most of them are the creepers who I don’t know why let themselves think they can seriously get the number of someone with one cheesy, scuzi-muah pickup line.

I am sure this dude will return to the store this month, question me about this incident, beg me for my number again, and leave me his number, telling me things he has planned for me on a date with him, and how my multiraciality totally compliments his multiraciality.

Strange people I encounter at work I tell you. Very strange. I kind of really enjoy how customers walk in trying to threaten us for refunds and credits they are not eligible for, creating drama, embarrassing themselves. And then seeing me and getting even madder because I cannot, for the love of God, stop myself from laughing when I find something funny.

Like, just a couple of days back, me and my manager were doing something quite seriously, when the customer my coworker was taking care of, suddenly grunted. The two of us shared half a look, she whispers “gross” and that was it. We burst out laughing. I hid behind the computer screen while she ran in the back, and tried to stop laughing.

And then today, a customer was returning her phone and wanted to cancel her service, but wanted refunds for stuff that was clearly stated in bold on her receipts will not be refunded – only exchanged, if at all. Oh, the drama she had started. Threats to report us to our customer service that she got horrible customer service from us, picking up everything on our display saying she is going to take it all, and then angrily walks out forgetting her credit card. My coworker finds it, and goes like “so, who wants to go shopping?

We can really be kids sometimes. But I can’t deny I am highly entertained by the everyday happenings at work. Of course, we are serious where we have to be. Customers who are calm and patient and less dramatic, we treat them with utmost respect. Like this one woman who came in for the third time this week for the same issue. I would expect her to lose patience. But we treated her with respect, and she returned the favour. It goes both ways.

But as for the drama queens, we entertain ourselves via the show they put on for us. I am not one of those who can keep a straight face when I am amused. I have tried. But it’s physically impossible. If I have an opportunity to laugh, I shall grab it. I have gotten on the bad side of one customer because of that, but oh well.

My accomplishment of the day: selling an Android phone to a pro-American-products, anti-Google, anti-Android, iPhone-or-die software engineer. And I smoothly maxed that sale out, too. I am going to hashtag this: #LikeABoss!!


Firework Overtime

5 Jul

I saw fireworks for the first time in my life. Apart from the mini firecrackers I played with as a child, witnessing what I did tonight was so breathtaking that I didn’t want it to end. Yeah, I ventured out alone into the city, mainly because I knew I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it in company of others. I had the Seek Bromance station playing on my Pandora, and watching the fireworks to the several carefree lyrics, I found exactly what I set out to seek – Pure Joy.


I could still hear the fireworks till sometime around midnight – they have been going off around the whole city for the past few days!! You could see them from anywhere, even from my bedroom window!! I felt like a little girl all day long so excited and then totally overwhelmed watching all the colors bursting into the sky. For some reason, in that moment, I felt like I am in love with the city, and I don’t ever want to leave. I felt happiness, a sense of inner peace, and motivated towards a future brighter than I could ever imagine. I want to be able to come out to the harbor any day of the week, and just sit and watch the Navy Pier fireworks from a distance all summer long.

I guess I react in such a get-over-it-already way is because it was my first time. And with the family drama that I dealt with for a while earlier in the day, this was like a sweet escape. So, I guess, you just have to deal with it.


Cats.. Just Can’t Have One!

15 Apr

OMGEEEENESSSS!!!! I was having a quiet Saturday in, as usual, and I came across this Youtube video, and I swear it made my day! I don’t know what it is about cats, I feel like having one in my life would mean completion. But either ways, this video makes me awwww and laugh and the same time! Perfect for moments you feel low for unexplained reasons.