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10 Oct

And behind her silent beauty
Laid the most obnoxious of imperfections
They screamed beneath her pores
Yearning to be freed
Desperate to be revealed
Unable to conceal any longer
She stood there
Exposed and unashamed
Her terrible truth finally
Reflecting in his eyes
The best he had ever seen of her several faces
Afraid no longer
Of what she had always been.



29 Jun

Dreaming with eyes wide awake
I lay inside a deathly calm silence
I watch the shadows do their infamous waltz
As they smudge the darkness with their blackness.

They know the lives I have lived are filled with vacuum
They understand my resentment towards human connections
As I finally become best friends with the shadows
I know I would never have to fear my worst fear of rejection.

Beauty Of The Less Bright

22 Jun

Even the ghosts that dwell on trees you seek shade under
Have got to appreciate
The beauty of the less bright this world offers.

Appreciate the long dark nights with rain and thunder
That within you initiated
A spark that cremated your fears
Even those buried within your dustiest corners.

Something Or The Other

16 Oct

We are all a bunch of some sort of psychological disorders, aren’t we? Blame it all on external sources, why don’t we?

Paranoia. Hysteria. Anger issues. Schizophrenia. Bipolarity. Sleepwalking. Psychosis. MPD.

We all have something. Probably a term I didn’t bother mentioning here.


You’re Gonna Love Again

2 Jun

Take a chance on a broken heart cuz we’re starting again
We gotta try even if it’s hard
Try baby to understand
To find a rainbow in every storm, you gotta believe.
Don’t ever doubt that you do belong now
Cuz it started with you, it started with me.

Hearts run right to the end
People come home you don’t need to be scared
Cuz you gonna love, you gonna love again.

Played on my iPod shuffle again last night, and reminded me again how much I loved it, now with a better opportunity to relate.

Love ❤

My Inner Mr. Hyde

30 Apr

For a past few days, the easiest feeling to feel has been anger for me. Honestly, it’s like one of the rarest of emotions in me, but when I’m there, all hell is about to break loose.

I am all fake smiley smiley this morning getting ready for work and walking in the rain without an umbrella with tyDi’s music blasting in my ears. I get on the train, watch the rain, try to be sad and relate to the lyrics of the songs playing – which by the way, isn’t hard to do. Nadia Ali’s lyrics at the moment are practically composed of pieces right out of my life.

So when it’s about time to get off the train, there is this huge dude standing in front of me, eyeballing the heck out of me and not ashamed I caught him doing that, and goes on to whisper something to the dude next to him making him turn my way too. Some of the most uncomfortable seconds of my life. I couldn’t wait to run off the train when it finally came to a stop.

I’m highly annoyed. Since last week, these public transit uncomfiness has increased numerous degrees. Strangers approaching with topics of conversation like the night sky being so pink or the moon being so little, being stopped to be told I just missed my train and I have to wait a few more minutes (really now!? I didn’t know that!?), graffiti sketches of guns being shown to me to get my opinion, being holla’d at, told I’m stopping all the traffic, and the friendly convenience store man out of nowhere suddenly using that creepy tone of interest rubbing his palms together… GOODNESS!!!

All time high frustrations. I mean I knew mental disorders were no myth, but I didn’t realize they were this abundant among the Chicago population either. I’ve had some “lost” customers come in at work, demanding to make use of a special offer that expired months and maybe even a year ago, and refusing to believe the promotions really are over. It’s pretty frustrating, and sometimes even scary, dealing with these people. But it’s a job and has to be done.

But for the strangers on the streets or the nice old man at the store I was nice to, who don’t hesitate in pissing me off or scaring the crap out of me, it’s annoying. I don’t know how far I am from making some creep swallow his own teeth.

I have, for a few years now, given myself another name – a part of me that is. The part that is much stronger and wiser and unafraid. And for a few months now, she was suppressed because I didn’t feel like she was needed anymore. But with how situations in my life are working out these days, it’s like my Mr. Hyde is going to come out anytime now. And won’t go away until I have given the world a piece of my mind and am able to go back to being me.