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23 Sep

Walked away from the light and into the shadows, but never could reach far. So I stood and said ‘Hello’ instead, befriending what I never could myself be.



5 Aug

Bloom to maturity

Wilt to death

Love recycles

Its object



30 Jul

Caressing fingers

On bare skin

Dawn comfort

Emerge passion

Lock away in lust.

The Only

12 Jul

You were the only
moment of strength
in my lifetime
of powerlessness.


24 Jun

I am just

Part of your


A consequence

Of your

Unforgivable actions.


20 Jun

You must be

So lonely

As to love this

Horrible aftermath

Left behind

By the one

Before you.

Unsupportive Self

26 Jan

Of all the things not there
When needed the most
In times of crisis
I miss myself the most.


20 Sep

She had taken
such high doses of poison
so many times before,
even his most lethal dosage
couldn’t possibly hurt her
She was a survivor.
Nothing could ever leave
its mark on her,
never again.


18 Sep

Need for a cure has never been vital
When you as my drug can run through me viral.

Might As Well

7 Sep

In stagnancy
we find our living death
So we might as well
mindlessly fuck till
our brains are out of breath.